Bet24 Poker Review

Rating: 6.5
Bet24 Poker Review
Skins with Best Sign-up Bonuses

Important Notice: In 2012 Bet24 was bought out by Unibet and they have now merged. The old Bet24 who are no longer in operation.

Bet24 was first launched in 2001 and is now owned by Modern Times Group, MTG, the largest free and pay-TV operator in Scandinavia and the Baltic region with 50 TV channels. Since 2006, Modern Times Group MTG AB has been Bet24?s major shareholder, owning 90% of the company. MTG also operates Viasat Broadcasting, which broadcasts TV programming to 125 million viewers in 33 countries.

  • Online and operational since 2001.
  • Generous poker promotions including a $50k monthly rake race.
  • Extremely well known and trusted company.
  • lighly disappointing welcome bonus compared to other skins.


About Bet24

In addition to poker, Bet24 offers sports betting and casino games in 16 different languages through Nordic Betting Limited that boasts a customer base reaching more than 70 countries. All of the various gaming opportunities can be accessed at

Bet24 previously sponsored the English football club Leeds United in the 2006-2007 championship season and the Blackburn Rovers in the Premier League from 2006 to 2008. Leeds and Blackburn are two of only five clubs to win the English League Title in the last 20 years.

100% First-Time Deposit Bonus

In a bit of a switch from most other Ongame skins that offer a variety of deposit bonus options, Bet24 has only one first-time bonus choice set at a 100% deposit up to $600. Your bankroll will build gradually in $10 increments each time you collect 100 Player Points. At the rate of 10 Player Points per $1, a total of 6,000 Player Points will earn the full $600 bonus.

You have 60 days in which to clear the bonus. Player Points are awarded at the rate of 3.6 for every $1 raked in a pot in cash games based on each player’s contribution to the pot and for every $1 paid in tournament fees in both SitNGos and multi-table tournament play.

Choosing a deposit bonus of $300, for instance, would require 3,000 Player Points. If you played strictly cash games at low stakes that averaged a rake of $0.25 per hand and your typical contribution to each hand played was roughly 40%, you would have to see hole cards in approximately 83,333 hands playing a very tight 10% of hands dealt to you.

Bet24, in conjunction with the Ongame Network, employs an incentive for players to play against tough opponents. If you happen to be facing opponents who have performed better than you in recent months, the points awarded to you will be modified to receive a larger share of the distributed Player Points. Likewise, facing lesser opponents will garner a smaller share of Player Points. So the 83,333 hands needed for your $300 bonus may actually be slightly more or slightly less.

Club24 Bonus Program

The VIP program at Bet24 consists of 16 different levels. Eight levels are based on both monthly and yearly Player Point accumulation totals. Valuable cashback bonuses are awarded to each level with rewards improving with each succeeding tier of the Club24 Bonus Program.

Rookie level, from 1-49 points, receives $1 for every 40 Player Points tallied. By earning 50 points, Junior Gambler status is reached with cashback given at the rate of $1 for each 39 Player Points. Senior Gamblers collect in the range of 150-499 points monthly and get $1 at each point threshold of 37.

Bronze, Silver and Gold are the next three monthly tiers attained at 500, 1,000 and 2,000 Player Points, respectively. Bronze players can redeem 64 points for $2, Silver level players can expect $3 for 81 Player Points, and Gold members receive cashback of $5 every 115 Player Points earned.

The last monthly levels of Platinum and Diamond add $10 to their accounts upon accumulating 186 Player Points for Platinum players and 162 points at the Diamond ranking. To achieve Platinum status, 4,000 Player Points are required in 30 days, while Diamond members must garner 6,000.

The yearly VIP levels are achieved by counting point totals collected in the previous 365 days. A yearly level is always better than a monthly level, so if eligibility is reached in both monthly and yearly levels, the yearly calculations will be used. The first seven yearly levels are identified by the numbers 1 through 7, while the highest level in the Club24 Program is referred to as Elite VIP. The points required for each level and accompanying cashback rewards are as follows:

Level 1 VIP, 15,000 points, $10 for every 158 points; Level 2 VIP, 24,000 points, $10 for every 150 points; Level 3 VIP, 36,000 points, $10 for every 140 points; Level 4 VIP, 54,000 points, $20 for every 240 points; Level 5 VIP, 72,000 points, $30 for every 330 points; Level 6 VIP, 108,000 points, $50 for every 500 points; Level 7 VIP, 168,000 points, $100 for every 900 points; Elite VIP, 240,000 points, $100 for every 810 points.

Other Bet24 Promotions

A $50,000 monthly points race that pays out to the top 100 finishers with a whopping $5,500 going to the winner is currently underway at Bet24. Or if you happen to be fond of ladies, you’re sure to appreciate the lovely ladies promo that gives you a free ticket to a $10 + $1 tournament if you lose with pocket Queens in a hand that goes to showdown.

The Meet and Beat Bet24 Freeroll puts bounties on the heads of the Bet24 staff and awards a total of $1,500 to players who can eliminate staff members. There are $70 bounties on 21 Bet24 staffers, including Bet24 Team Pro Jesper “Kipster” Hougaard.

Mediocre Recommendation

The one and only one deposit bonus option of 100% up to $600 is almost laughable when you consider that other skins offer up to $2,000 in first-time deposit bonuses. If you’re looking for skins with the best sign-up bonuses, Bet24 is obviously not a good choice.

On the bright side, Bet24?s VIP cashback rewards program uses one of the lowest yearly point totals of Ongame skins at 15,000 in which a player can use annual points accumulated instead of monthly point totals, thereby receiving a more favorable cashback bonus percentage. Many skins require 72,000 total points to enter the annual threshold of cashback bonuses. At Bet24, you would already be a Level 5 VIP at 72,000 points.