Betsafe Poker Review

Rating: 7.5
Betsafe Poker Review
Massive Scanindavian Ongame Network Skin

Betsafe are one of the biggest online gambling brands in Scandinavia and throughout Europe and are an easy choice for our list of top ten Ongame skins.

They offer some of the best bonuses on the Ongame network as well as a more than generous VIP cashback scheme. They have a huge player base and backed by a huge casino and sportsbook, Betsafe is one of the safest skins to play at on the Ongame network.

  • Part of a massive online gambling company.
  • Bonuses with easy clearance rates.
  • One of the top 10 Ongame loyalty VIP schemes.
  • Offer a fully featured casino as well as online poker.


About Betsafe

Betsafe was founded in 2006 and boasts over 450,000 customers from more than 100 different countries throughout the world who take advantage of the poker, casino and sports betting offerings at Betsafe. The Betsafe gaming services are licensed in Malta and are offered in seven different languages. Betsafe Poker is operated by Safepay Malta Limited.

Betsafe proudly sponsors unique athletes such as Danish kiteboarding champion Nick Jacobsen and Sweden's Marcus Gustafsson, a parkour/freerunning athlete. Parkour competitors use running, gymnastics and a bit of acrobatics to navigate various obstacles in both urban and rural terrains. Betsafe also has a sponsorship agreement with the Danish football league, becoming the third major sponsor of the Danish Superliga, as well as the title partner of the second tier of Danish football, the Danish First Division, renamed the Betsafe Liga. In addition, Betsafe has lent its name to the Gumball 3000, an international road rally race that is not really a race at all, but more of a road trip adventure.

Betsafe Welcome Bonuses

Before we get into this section, let us just note that Betsafe don’t shy away from changing up the available bonuses for all the services on their site. Use this review as a means of determining the quality of the promotions here and whether they’re for you, but before signing up we urge you check out the bonuses that are ultimately available on the casino site first. What you can be sure of is that Betsafe are very generous with poker promotions and offer a fair bit of flexibility for their players to get the deals that suit their needs. As a welcome offer, you can choose your max bonus (there are five options between €25-€1000) and you have a month to release all of it. Depending on the bonus you select, you’ll have a rake you need to hit to have an increment of your bonus. For example, if you select the highest bonus, the €1000 one, you’ll get €100 in loyalty points equivalent every time you rake €500. This goes on till the end of the month, or till you’ve completed your bonus. Betsafe has other promotions specifically set-up for new players, including three tournaments.  The first can be played during a player’s first four weeks upon signing up; the second can be played within four weeks of a player reaching Level 2, and the last tournament can be played within four weeks of a Level Up achievement. Perhaps the most exciting welcome promotion of all is the 10 Day Challenge, which gives players the opportunity to win something new for 10 days for completing different challenges. You can get cash, free spins, tickets and more. Terms & Conditions Apply on all offers.

VIP Blackgold Loyalty Plan

Betsafe has categorized four levels in its Cash is King player loyalty program that pays cashback monthly in percentage amounts that increase with each level. For instance, Silver level players are those who earn 0 - 499 player points (PPs) in a calendar month and will earn 10% in cashback rewards each month. Gold level is achieved by players who collect 500 to 999 PPs monthly and can expect a cashback return of 15%. The final monthly tier at Betsafe is known as Platinum and offers cashback payments from 16% - 20% for players tabulating 1000-2999 PPs. To enter the ultimate Diamond level, you must collect 3000+ PPs for a massive 30% cashback.

Additional Promotions at Betsafe

As we said earlier on, Betsafe likes to change up its promotions quite regularly and for this reason we encourage you to check out what’s available every so often. There will usually be something to look forward to.

Betsafe a Safe Bet of Ongame Skins

Betsafe has established itself in the gaming industry as a reliable provider of online poker, casino games and sports wagering options. The deposit bonus choices come in a wide variety from $25 to $2,000 and actually increase in clearance time allowed for the middle bonuses of Silver and Gold than the two lowest options, which differs from formats of some other sites.

The cashback rewards and Cash is King loyalty program are comparable with most other Ongame skins. Other than the $2,000 Diamond Bonus deposit option requiring more points per dollar to clear than the other five options, Betsafe Poker is actually a relatively safe bet.

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