Coral Poker Review

Rating: 6
Coral Poker Review
100% up to $1000 Bonus

Update: October 2013 – Coral Poker has now fully migrated to the iPoker network as it had previously announced earlier this year. They no longer represent the Ongame network. Other Coral brands including all the Gala Casino brands have also moved to the new network.

The review on this page is out of date and has just been kept here for the sake of history. The information pertaining to bonuses and promotions is all old info and should not be accepted as being true or accurate as of today.

  • Backed by one of the UK's biggest bookmakers.
  • Long history of safety, security and reliability.
  • Tons of deposit options and super fast cashouts.
  • Custom bonus offers designed for players of all levels


Coral Poker Overview

Coral Poker is operated by Gala Coral Group Ltd., a British bookmaking, bingo, casino and poker operator owned by Candover Investments, Cinven and Permira. A merger in 2005 between the Gala Group and Coral Eurobet made the gaming company the UK's third largest bookmaker and largest bingo operator. Headquartered in Nottingham, it owns more than 30 casinos and operates over 1,630 licensed betting offices.

While the Gala division of the company runs 175 live bingo clubs and 30 UK-based casinos, the Coral division has over 1,700 betting shops, two greyhound racing stadia and the online casino, gaming and poker sites. The Coral brand has also extended its reach to other global gaming markets with betting shops in Italy under the Eurobet brand, as well as setting up a joint venture in China.

Firmly established in the gaming industry since 1926, the various wagering services can be accessed at Coral Poker is licensed by the government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.

Whether your choice is online lotto, sportsbetting, horse racing, bingo, casino games or poker, you can find all wagering options at Coral.

Coral Poker VIP Loyalty Program

Unfortunately, Coral Poker has one of the more confusing formats used to establish VIP levels and/or the awarding of points. Poker Points are earned by players at the rate of 3.6 for each dollar of rake that a player contributes to a pot. A tournament with an entry fee of $10 + $1 is good for 3.6 Poker Points, as the house fee or rake would be the $1 that goes to Coral for hosting the event. If you contribute 30% to a pot raked at $0.75 you will receive .81 Poker Points ($0.75 x 30% x 3.6 = $0.81). However, your share of Poker Points received may be adjusted according to the internal strength relationship of all players in that hand.

Taking on poor or less experienced players can earn you slightly less points, while competing against better players will be a bit more valuable in collecting more Poker Points. The formula used to calculate internal strength of various players remains a mystery and seems to be one of the more convoluted ways to award points to players.

If that isn't confusing enough, listen to this. We have established that Poker Points are awarded based on the contribution to the raked pot. That part is all well and good. But Poker Points have no actual value except to determine players' VIP level. Poker Points earned are multiplied into VIP Points in a formula designed to reward, and possibly confound, Coral's most loyal players with more redeemable VIP Points resulting in additional cash back and reward opportunities.

Coral Poker's VIP program is broken down into seven different levels, with the first four levels basing rewards and cash back bonuses based on monthly VIP Point totals, while the top three levels, known as Full House, Quads and Royal Flush Club, reward VIP players based upon yearly VIP Point totals.

By earning just 1 Poker Point, a Coral player enters the Pair level, moving up to the Trips level at 1,000 monthly Poker Points, followed by the Straight and Flush player levels at 3,000 and 6,000 Poker Points, respectively. Earning 72,000 Poker Points in a 12-month period boosts you up to Full House status, 156,000 Poker Points are needed for the Quads ranking, and the Royal Flush Club can be joined at 240,000 annual Poker Points accumulated.

Your accumulated Poker Points are multiplied in the VIP Points multiplier format. Trips level players earn a monthly multiplier rate of 1.5 times their Poker Point total. The remaining levels gradually increase in multiplied rates of 2, 2.5, 3.75, 4.375 and 5 times of Poker Points multiplied into VIP Points.

Coral Poker Loyalty Program Benefits

New depositors are given four tickets to play in four separate New Player Freerolls with a guaranteed prize pool of $500. First-time depositors are also automatically entered into a New Players Points Race that divides $1,000 among the top 50 finishers in their first full month of play at Coral Poker. Next is the Monthly VIP Points Race open to all players that pays out a full $10,000 each month to the top ten winners.

The Weekly Loyalty Bonus is the most important benefit, as this is the promotion that rewards Coral players with cash back. In theory, each player is eligible to claim $690 per week in cash back bonuses. In reality, it would be difficult to earn enough Poker Points to get back $690 each and every week. In yet another confusing formula at Coral, the weekly cash back rewards require both Poker Point and VIP Point criteria to obtain the cash bonuses, even though Poker Points have no value. For instance, Pair level players (or above) can redeem a $5 bonus with 25 VIP points as long as a minimum of 50 Poker Points were earned.

Likewise, a $10 bonus is redeemable with 50 VIP points, requiring the accumulation of 100 Poker Points. At the Trips level, a $25 bonus can be had for 250 VIP Points as long as 250 Poker Points were also collected. You must be at least Straight level for the $50 Weekly Bonus at 500 VIP Points and 500 Poker Points. Full House ranked players can get $100 back for 2,500 VIP Points, depending also on the tabulation of 1,000 Poker Points. The ultimate $500 Weekly Bonus can be redeemed by a Trips-tiered player or above with 10,000 VIP points, with at least 4,000 Poker Points earned.

In addition to the weekly cash bonuses, you may purchase tickets for entry to various tournaments, SitNGo as well as multi-table events. The actual entry fees of the tourneys range from 25 cents to $55.

First-time Deposit Bonus at Coral Poker

Coral Poker touts a sign-up deposit bonus of 100% up to $1,000 with an expiration of 45 days to claim the bonus. Each time you accumulate 8 Poker Points, you will earn $1. The bonus will be deposited into your account at the conclusion of the 45-day period according to the Poker Points tallied in that time. For low-stakes players or depositors, Coral also offers a deposit bonus of $25 with a minimum deposit of $10. So, in reality, that's a 250% deposit bonus on your $10 deposit. The same conditions as the larger deposit bonus apply, namely, 8 Poker Points per $1 and the 45-day release and expiration period.

With 85 years in the gaming industry, the Gala Coral Group is very well-known and established throughout the UK. Their reputation among British punters speaks for itself. However, when it comes to Coral Poker, the loyalty program could very well be simplified by doing away with the multiplier format that increases Player Points to VIP Points and also factoring in the strength of opposing players in determining the awarding of points.

If you're looking to take advantage of the 100% deposit bonus up to $1,000, Coral Poker may not be a bad choice. But if you're looking for a poker room to play loyally and almost all the time, you can probably do better elsewhere on the Ongame Network.