Euro Poker Review

Rating: 8
Euro Poker Review
Leading Skin On The Ongame Network

Euro Poker are one of the five best skins on the Ongame network. This is based on their bonus options and clearance rates, as well as their VIP loyalty and cashback programs that are among the best on the network.

With an impeccable reputation for safety, fast cashouts and top customer support, EuroPoker are a great choice for players seeking out a new online poker home.

  • First deposit bonus of up to $2500.
  • One of the 5 biggest Ongame skins.
  • Large number of freerolls and other perks.
  • Highly trusted, safe and reliable poker site.



Euro Poker

EuroPoker was formed in 2005. Emerging from the same team that assembled, the goal was to offer first-class online poker services in the burgeoning European marketplace. That goal has been reached as the site quickly expanded to offer its customers the ability to access and play in many different languages, over 15 languages at present, including customer service that is language specific.

EuroPoker was loaned and eventually purchased by the current ownership, which has continued to introduce innovative strategies that has made EuroPoker one of the most recognizable and successful poker sites in Europe. In addition to attracting European players, EuroPoker also has extended its success to other global markets, such as Latin America, North America and the growing Asian market.

Also hosting and the sportsbetting site, EuroPoker customers can access all of their gaming preferences from one convenient site. EuroPoker is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

Deposit Bonus Options at EuroPoker

There are six different deposit bonus opportunities at EuroPoker and it is up to you to decide which of the six best suits your needs. All of the deposit bonuses allow 60 days in which to clear the bonus. The first option does not require a deposit, but allows you to be a free VIP Club Member for 6 full months.

The other five first-time deposit bonuses range from amounts of $60 to $2,500, with each having specific incremented payouts, as well as different amounts of player points needed to collect the bonus. Additionally, all five pay a 100% bonus of your amount deposited, provided you accumulate the requisite points in the alloted time of 60 days.

The $60 bonus is paid in $6 segments at the rate of 9 player points per bonus dollar. The $250 bonus also has a 9 points = $1 rate credited to your account, but in $50 increments. The next minimum deposit offer is $600, which is paid in blocks of $120 at 10 points per U.S. dollar.

The remaining rather large deposit bonuses require deposits of at least $1,500 and $2,500, with established rates per bonus dollar at 12 points for the $1,500 deposit and 14 points for the largest deposit bonus. You will build your bankroll with incremented payouts to your account of $375 for the lesser of the two highest deposit bonuses and $750 for the massive $2,500 first-time deposit bonus.

The $2,500 deposit bonus is one of the largest not only on the Ongame Network, but in the entire online poker industry. So if you're reading reviews and looking for a poker site in which to play, you must strongly consider EuroPoker. Naturally, you're looking for the site that can give you the greatest amount of bonus cash for your first-time deposit, right? That would be EuroPoker.

Euro Poker Player Points

Player Points are earned by playing real money ring games and tournaments. Since mid-July, EuroPoker has been operating under a new system called Essence that pays slightly more or less player points depending on the strength of your opponents at the cash tables.

Facing good players will earn points at a slightly better rate than usual, while playing against more fish or bad players will cause the rate in which points are accumulated to be somewhat less than the norm. EuroPoker's theory on this is that just as you never truly know the amount of a pot you will scoop up with the best hand, likewise, the rate of point collection should also vary.

That being said, 3.6 player points are earned by you for every $1 paid in tournament entry fees. For instance, a $20 + $2 tournament is calculated by multiplying 3.6 times the $2 fee or rake, which equals 7.2 points credited to your account upon the conclusion of the tourney.

In cash games of Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, and 5 Card Draw, 3.6 points are awarded for every U.S. dollar contributed to the pot. If you happen to contribute $0.25 to the rake of a pot, your awarded points would be .9 based on the formula of 3.6 x $.025. Don't forget, though, that the actual points you receive may fluctuate slightly based on the strength of your opponents under the Essence formula.

The rake structure at EuroPoker follows the "no flop, no drop" policy, meaning no rake is taken if the flop is not seen. The rake will never be higher than 5% of the pot, nor will it exceed $3.

VIP Club Membership

The VIP membership club at EuroPoker requires 500 player points to join the club and only 100 player points per month to maintain your VIP status. Upon earning your initial 500 player points and becoming a VIP Club Member, you will receive 1 VIP credit for each player point. Player points are not consumable. It is your earned VIP credits that can be redeemed for cash and tournament tickets. The only instance in which you will not earn VIP credits while holding membership in the VIP club is when you are using player points to clear a bonus, such as the deposit bonus. VIP credits expire 6 months from the initial month issued.

EuroPoker does not have levels or rankings of membership, which is somewhat of a refreshing change from other poker sites. Everyone is a VIP, as long as you maintain 100 points earned each month, which is quite easy even for casual players.

EuroPoker Cash Back Bonuses

Redeeming your VIP credits for cash is very simple at EuroPoker. You don't have to be at a certain level or rank to get maximum value. All players are equal and as long as you have the VIP credits, you can use those credits to purchase cash bonuses. The range of cash bonuses starts at $5 and climbs all the way up to $10,000. You can look at the following chart which shows how many VIP credits are required for each cash bonus. The chart also lists the cash back percentage rates for each bonus.

Cash Bonus VIP Credits Cash back % $5 300 8% $20 900 11% $50 1,800 14% $150 4,800 16% $300 8,400 18% $500 12,700 20% $750 17,200 22% $1,000 21,500 23% $1,500 29,500 25% $2,000 36,000 28% $3,000 50,000 30% $5,000 70,000 36% $10,000 125,000 40%

As you can see, the longer you wait and accumulate VIP credits, the more the credits are worth in cash back. You can earn up to 40% cash back at the highest level! Just remember, the expiration period is 6 months on your VIP credits, so be sure to redeem your points at least twice a year. But don't worry about losing track of your accumulated points. EuroPoker provides you with an easy-to-read VIP Club status page which clearly shows your point-earning progress and transactions on a monthly basis.

EuroPoker also gives away free VIP credits on a quarterly basis. The Triple Star Bonus gives you 500 free VIP credits just by maintaining your VIP club membership for three consecutive months. The VIP Quarterly Bonus rewards you with 2,000 VIP credits if you accumulate 5,000 player points in three months. Those are free bonuses!

Don't forget that you can also redeem your VIP credits for entry into various tournaments if you'd rather parlay your bonus cash into possibly even more cash by winning or final tabling a tournament! EuroPoker has plans to offer cool merchandise for players who would like to redeem their VIP credits in that fashion. That option is coming soon.

EuroPoker also hosts a $1,000 Weekly Freeroll for all players, which is another nice way to boost your bankroll.

EuroPoker is doing a lot of things right. From a wide selection of sign-up bonuses, including a massive $2,500 deposit bonus, to a VIP club that avoids all the levels and rankings to give you high cash back percentages based on your contribution to rake, the site is solid.

Basically, what EuroPoker is saying to their poker players is this: You play at EuroPoker and earn so and so amount of points, then we, in turn, will value you as a loyal customer and give you cash back for depositing and playing here. Simple, yet very rewarding! Play poker now at Euro Poker