Guruplay Poker Review

Update 2013: Do NOT play at GuruPlay. They have gone from poker site with potential to scammers and thieves. They have stiffed affiliates out of tens of thousands of dollars and players could well be next.

Avoid this site like the plague. If you have money here already, withdraw it. These guys are conmen and crooks and you should stay away from them at all costs.

Guru Play Poker is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. As such, you can count on reliability and security. They also offer an online casino under the Smart Gaming Group that is licensed and regulated in Malta. A rather unique feature offered at Guru Play is the ability for gamblers to play blackjack and roulette with live dealers from the comfort of their home computers or laptops.

Guru Play Poker Deposit Bonuses

Two different first-time deposit bonuses are offered at Guru Play Poker, $600 and $1,000 being the maximum amounts you can deposit. The minimum deposit amounts are only $25 for the lesser bonus plan and $500 for the larger one. Both match 100% of your deposit and are valid for 60 days following your initial deposit. However, the smaller sign-up bonus releases the bonus money to your account in amounts of $50 upon the accumulation of 500 Guru points, while the $1,000 maximum deposit bonus pays you off in $100 segments for every 1,000 Guru points.

You must choose one or the other bonus and, unfortunately, cannot clear one and then deposit again hoping to select the other option, as that would no longer be a first-time deposit.

On deciding which plan to select, the lower plan is geared more toward players who might not have the capital to go for the $1,000 deposit and would prefer to be paid faster in $50 increments upon totaling 500 points, as opposed to waiting until 1,000 Guru points are earned to receive $100.

Earning Guru Play Points

In cash games, Guru Player Points are tallied based on your contribution to the rake of each pot. For every dollar that you chip in to the rake, 3.25 Player Points are awarded. Points are awarded in 0.01 steps. As an example, if you contribute $0.40 in rake, you will receive 40% of the 3.25 awarded for each dollar, which equals 1.3 Player Points. For tournaments, 5 Player Points are earned for every dollar in fees.

For instance, a buy-in at a $5+0.50 tournament gains you 2.5 Player Points, since the 50 cent poker room fee is half of the 5 Player Points awarded per dollar. To earn the full $1,000 bonus, you would need to earn 10,000 points in 60 days, roughly 166.66 points per day.

Guru Play Weekly and Yearly VIP Levels

The reward program at Guru Play Poker is rather unique as it is based on both your weekly and yearly accumulated Guru points. To determine weekly VIP levels, Guru counts back your acquired points via generated rake of the previous seven days. This procedure is done each week. Upon determination of your VIP level, Guru Play automatically deposits cash into your account based upon the player points racked up over seven days.

The weekly cash back is separated into six levels. As your player points climb, so does your cash back value as the percentages increase for each level or tier. Level 1 is achieved at 50 Guru points, followed by levels 2 through 6 at 150, 250, 500, 1,000 and 1,500 points. The valueback percentage on your earned points starts at 8% at level 1 and increases to 10%, 12%, 14%, 17% and 20% in the rest of the levels.

However, once you reach 15,000 player points, your cash back calculations are based on yearly totals and not weekly totals, which affords you higher percentages of return, and are designed for the most loyal of Guru players. The point calculations are done by counting back the previous 365 days. However, players mustn’t play a full year to qualify as long as the requisite points have been accumulated.

The six yearly levels are 15,000 points for a 21% cashback, 24,000 for 22.5%, 42,000 at level 3 is worth 25%, 72,000 gets you 30% and the remaining two levels pay out 35% and 40% at 156,000 and 240,000 points, respectively. Don’t worry, the cash back is still deposited in your account on a weekly basis when you have reached the yearly VIP level. Only the percentages awarded are higher because you have earned the higher rewards due to increased playing time and point totals.

Promotions at Guru Play

A Royal Flush at a Texas Hold’em cash table will make you $100 richer! You must use both of your hole cards to qualify. Another current promotion at Guru is to take part in a daily quiz in the “chat games” and win $5 if you answer correctly. You are eligible for this contest every day. Speaking of daily contests, Guru Play offers freerolls each day to build up your bankroll without requiring a buy-in or entry fee.

Casino Games at Guru Play

Though this is a poker site review, I would be remiss in not mentioning the multitude of casino games available at Guru Play. If you feel you need a break from the poker grind, but still crave action, the selection of video slots, table games and card games in the online casino is mind-boggling. Of course, you will find the standard games of Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud and Roulette. But there are dozens of video slots and video poker games available as well. Check it out! The casino also offers a first-time deposit bonus, in addition to daily, weekly and monthly reload bonuses.

With two types of deposit bonuses up to $1,000 and one of the more generous cash-for-points VIP programs around, Guru Play is a favorable choice for players who like to devote their attention and stay loyal to one particular poker site. Upon becoming a regular player at Guru Play and accumulating impressive Guru yearly point totals, a solid poker player can earn up to 40% cashback on rake paid, which is exceptional value for the money.

Deposit at Guru Play today and take advantage of the 60-day period to clear the deposit bonus. From there, if you keep playing there consistently, you will be a Poker Guru in no time.