Hey Poker Review

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Hey Poker Review
5 Different Deposit Bonus Options Up To $2,500

Hey Poker have been operating on the Ongame Poker network since 1995 and are one of the medium sized skins on the network. They provide online poker as well as casino games.

In 2011 HeyPoker were purchased bu gaming powerhouse Redbet, to make them a part of one of the biggest gambling companies in Europe. Licensed and operated in the European Union, Hey Poker is a tax free site for players in Scandinavia.

  • Owned by Redbet, one of the top gaming companies in Europe.
  • Special bonuses for players of all levels from $20 up to $2,500.
  • Accept all major credit cards, ewallets and money transfers.
  • Top promotions and VIP cashback scheme.



Hey Poker Background Information

Heypoker has provided online poker services since 2005 and is now available in at least 10 different languages. In July, 2011, the company merged with Redbet Gaming Ltd, a subsidiary of Redbet Holding AB. The Sweden-based Redbet Holding AB is listed on NASDAQ, First North in Stockholm. It is also the parent company of Red Sports Ltd in Malta and SIA Optibet in Latvia. Redbet Gaming Ltd is located and licensed in Malta.

Heypoker also offers its customers online casino gaming at Heypoker casino. The standard favorites of blackjack, craps and roulette, along with dozens of slots and video slots, can be played instantaneously without requiring a software download. Heypoker Sports is another gambling arm of Heypoker, providing a multitude of options on sports wagering and live betting. Deposit bonuses are available at both the sports betting and casino sites.

In addition to heypoker.com, Redbet Gaming Ltd offers casino, live casino, sports betting and poker through several other websites, including redbet.com, whitebet.com, and totalpoker.com. In addition to Heypoker on the Ongame Network, the Redbet group also provides online poker on the Entraction and Boss Media IPN networks.

Red Sports Ltd operates goldclubcasino.com., which was established in 1997, and was one of the very first casinos offered over the internet in the entire world.

SIA Optibet is the only Latvian license holder for both bookmaking and online gaming. The Optibet brand operates numerous betting shops in Latvia and online through optibet.com.

Earning Player Points at Hey Poker

Player points are awarded by playing in both ring games and tournaments at Heypoker. They are paid according to the Ongame Network standard rate of 3.60 for each dollar of rake that a player contributes to the pot. If you contribute 50% to a pot that is raked at half a dollar, you will receive 9/10 of a point or .9 points ($0.50 × 50% × 3.60 = .9). That amount may fluctuate ever so slightly based on the strength between players in the hand. Playing against more experienced opponents collects slightly more points and slightly less points are awarded if you face less experienced players. In tournaments, 3.6 player points go your way for each $1 of tourney entry fee paid.

Sign-up Bonuses at Heypoker

As seems to be a common trend on the Ongmae network at the moment, Heypoker offers an array of different deposit bonuses. These range from the smallest bonus of $20 right up to a bonus of $2,500. Of course the smaller the bonus you choose, the easier it is to clear. I have outliend below the codes to use for the bonuses and a brief description of each.

20WELCOME - This gives you a $20 bonus. For every 40 player points earned you will receive $5. A minimum deposit of $20 is required to activate this bonus and you will have 60 days to clear it.

100WELCOME - This gives you a $100 bonus. A minimum deposit of $50 is required. It is released in $10 increments for every 90 player points earned. Once again you willl have 60 days to clear the bonus.

500WELCOME - A minimum deposit of $100 along with this code gives you a generous $500 bonus. Over a 60 day time period you will earn $50 every time you earn 500 player points.

1000WELCOME - This code will give you a $1,000 bonus. This bonus is released in $100 increments for every 1,100 player points earned. As with the rest of the codes you will be given 60 days to clear this bonus.

2500WELCOME - The XXL Bonus as it is described gives you the chance to clear the maximum bonus of $2,500. This will be released in increments of $500 for every 6,500 player points. The same 60 day timeframe applies here.

Heypoker's Simplified Player Rewards Policy

With a simple and easy to understand loyalty program, all you have to worry about at Heypoker are your opponents on the tables. Once you deposit and begin playing you are immediately added to the Heypoker loyalty program and will begin receiving cashback rewards! When each month begins, your cashback earned in the previous month will be deposited directly into your account. The amount you receive is determined by your level and the total number of player points you earned the prior month.

There are only three Heypoker monthly levels and one yearly level. The Silver level requires from 0-1,250 player points in a calendar month and pays cashback at 8% to 12%. The Gold level is for players totalling 1,250 to 3,375 player points with cashback rewards from 12%-16%. Platinum players at Heypoker qualify by earning 3,375 player points and up per month, pocketing 16% to 20% of their contribution to rake as a cashback bonus.

The last level, known as Platinum Plus, is based on yearly player point tabulations, setting the minimum for Platinum Plus status at 12,000 player points over the previous 12 months. Platinum Plus pays rewards at excellent percentage rates of 20% to 40% in the form of cashback incentives.

HeyPoker Promotions

In addition to the deposit bonus options and cashback rewards up to 40%, Heypoker hosts a 2K Bankroll Booster tourney each month for depositors. If you make a deposit every month, you can play in the tournament every month! Plus, finish in the top three of any guaranteed tournament and Heypoker will give you a free entry ticket to the 2K Bankroll Booster event.

Also, the Hey $500 Gold tournament is held on the 3rd Sunday every month, which is free for any players who have collected 100 player points before the 14th of the month. Similarly, the Hey $1,000 Diamond tournament is free to any players grabbing 200 points prior to the 20th of the month and is held on specified dates and times. There are additional tournaments and promotions that are available to loyal Heypoker players that vary and change from time to time.

Heypoker's simple loyalty program that features ony three monthly player point levels and rewards all players with cashback opportunities from the very first pot contributed to is a nice variation from other sites that tend to complicate the rewards and ranking formats of their loyal players. With 5 clearly-defined deposit bonus options, including the XXL-sized $2,500 bonus, Heypoker should not be overlooked.

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