PAF Poker Review

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PAF Poker Review
Going to a good cause

Paf Poker is part of the Paf Group that operates a legal gambling monopoly on the Åland Islands and on Ålandic and Finnish ships across the Baltic Sea. It began its gaming operations in 1967.

The most interesting thing about PAF is they are a not for profit company. They donate all of their profits to charity. However, while this is an extremely generous gesture, it often comes at the expense of the poker player – PAF is one of only a few Ongame skins that does not offer cashback to players.

  • Part of a massive Scandinavian Group in business since the 1960s.
  • 3 poker rooms - play on Ongame, IPN (Boss) or the MPN Network.
  • Website and customer support are available in 6 different languages.
  • Offer poker, lottery, bingo, backgammon and sports betting.


Playing Among Friends at Paf

Paf currently operates 1,700 slot machines and 40 gaming tables on 29 ships sailing 9 different routes through the Baltic region. It is publicly-owned and is licensed by Åland’s provincial government.

The company has offices in Helsinki, Mariehamn, Tallinn, Stockholm and Madrid. The company’s sole reason of operation is to donate profits to worthwhile causes. Between 1974 and 1999, approximately 95% of Paf’s profit came from gaming at sea. Paf began online gaming in 1999. By 2005, online profits eclipsed those gains made from land and sea gaming. In its 45 years of existence, Paf grew from 2 employees to over 400.

Paf is also the sponsor of the NatWest Island Games, a friendly competition among 25 of the smaller islands from around the world. Its most recent partnership is with the charity movement Emmaus, which works toward combating human trafficking.

Ålands Penningautomatförening is the original name of Paf. Now widely known in Finland simply as Paf, the company uses the motto Play Among Friends derived from the PAF acronym. Its online offerings include bingo, slot machines, lotteries, casino games, sports betting and poker.

In addition to Paf Poker on the Ongame Network, it also operates a poker site on the International Poker Network (IPN). Their Ongame skin is known as the Spade Network, while accessing poker through the IPN Network is referred to as the Diamond Network. In May 2013 they opened a 3rd site on the MPN network which is known as heart.

All its online wagering options as well as information regarding its unique history and humanitarian causes, can be accessed in six different languages at

Collecting Points

Earning points at Paf is a bit different than other Ongame skins, except for multi-table tournament and SNG games, which use the same Ongame standard rate of 3.6 points awarded for each $1 in tourney entry fees. Simply stated, a $20 + $2 tourney is worth 7.2 points.

But in cash games, the rate at which points are earned is dependent upon the pot size, the number of players, the type of game, the stakes played, your contribution to the pot and the strength of all players.

For every $6.15 in the pot, one full point is released. Partial points are earned for each 20 cents, for each $1 or for each $5 added to a pot. The stake level on each table determines which of the partial point qualifiers comes into play. For instance, at stakes at or below $0.50- $1.00 at fixed limit tables, points will be awarded for every $0.20 in the pot. But at fixed limit tables with stakes from $0.50-$1.00 to $2.00-$4.00, points are doled out for each $1 in the pot, and not for fractions of a dollar.

At pot limit or no-limit tables with stakes higher than $0.25/$0.50, points are awarded for every $1 in the pot, with the maximum points released set at 3.25 with two players contributing, 6.5 maximum points awarded with 3-4 players at the table, and up to 9.75 points can be released with five or more players at the table.

Paf Bonus Options

Paf has six bonus options available that all have a 60-day expiration date. However, Paf lists the choices simply as Bonuses and does not specifically require a deposit to activate each particular bonus. All Paf requires is that you have a certain amount of money in your poker account in order to activate each bonus. You can deposit the minimum amount required for the bonus that you choose, or you can transfer the money from any of the other Paf wagering options, such as the sports book or casino.

The lowest of the bonus choices are the $50 Bonus and $100 Bonus, which both pay $5 to you every time you earn 40 points. You need roughly $17 in your account to activate the $50 Bonus and $22 to work towards the $100 Bonus. The $250 Bonus deposits $10 to your account once you collect 80 points as long as you have $52 in your account before beginning.

Moving up to the larger bonus options, the $500 Bonus also requires a balance of $52 to begin and is doled out in $50 increments each 400 points accumulated, while the huge $1,000 Bonus releases your cash in blocks of $100 at the 1,000 point mark requiring $103 on hand to activate the bonus. The biggest bonus at Paf requires a balance of $204 and is a mammoth $2,500 Bonus that has multi-tabling poker players glued to their computers in order to become richer 5 times at $500 a shot every 7,000 points.

The first four bonuses pay at the equivalent rate of 8 points per dollar. The $1,000 Bonus requires 10 points for every $1 and the $2,500 Bonus is set at 14 points needed per $1. You should definitely keep that in mind when deciding which bonus option to choose.

Let’s say a Paf casino player had a good run at blackjack and sauntered over to the poker room with a click of the mouse to take a shot at earning the $50 Bonus. By transferring funds of at least $17 to the Spade Wallet and activating or declaring the $50 Bonus, our lucky blackjack player would clear $25 of the bonus by playing only one $10 + $1 tournament each day for 56 of the 60 days allotted.

Paf Loyalty

The VIP program at Paf allows you to earn loyalty points by playing poker and then to use those points to purchase tournament tickets at varying amounts according to the number of points used. That includes tickets or tournament packages to Paf’s live poker events. There are no cashback rewards or incentives at Paf that are common at other Ongame skins. Unfortunately, Paf is clearly more interested in donating its proceeds to worthwhile causes than it is offering its loyal players a worthwhile cashback VIP program.

Other Promos and Tournament Packages

Paf does run various promotions that give players a chance to win packages at live poker events. You can qualify for these live events in steps for as little as $2 + $0.20 or buy-in directly to the online finals for $300 + $20. Should you win one of the live tournament packages such as the Grand Series of Poker (GSOP) or the Paf Poker Challenge, you could find yourself sporting Paf Poker apparel on the Paf Poker Team in such exotic locations as the beautiful Åland Islands, Salzburg or the Dominican Republic.

Paf Is Not Your Best Choice of Skins

By donating its profits to needy causes, Paf is certainly the top poker skin in terms of sites that deserve rewards for humanitarianism. However, if you’re a poker player looking for the best skin available for making money at Ongame, you certainly won’t be choosing Paf. Don’t get me wrong, its great to donate to charities and everybody should do their part. In fact, some winning players do make a habit of regularly donating a fraction of their winnings to worthwhile causes.

That being said, it’s difficult to recommend a skin that has no cashback reward program to speak of, while some skins on the network pay out up to 40%. It would make more sense to play at another skin on the network, such as RedKings, avail yourself of the cashback rewards, and then donate some of that to a charity or cause of your choosing.

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