Pokeridol Review

Rating: 7
Pokeridol Review
Become a sponsored pro by raking 2000 euros per month

Pokeridol are one of the more innovative skins offering all new players the chance to become a Pokeridol, sponsored pro by meeting some monthly playing requirements.

Their leaderboards and other promotions are also good incentives for new players, but overall their VIP program and bonuses are rather weak when compared to the leading Ongame skins listed on the homepage of this site.

  • Setup by poker players for poker players.
  • Offers regulars the chance to become sponsored pros.
  • Average VIP program and bonus clearance rates.
  • 5 different signup bonus options.

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About Pokeridol

PokerIdol was formed in 2008, obtaining registration and situating the head office and support team in Malta. It was founded by poker industry professionals and poker players intent on offering excellence in promotions as well as customer support. At the end of 2010, PokerIdol launched new software, providing its players with a new layout and better features.

Welcome Bonuses

As has become the norm on the Ongame network, PokerIdol offers numerous different deposit bonuses for first time players. These bonuses range from a €25 bonus right up to a very generous €1,000 bonus. Each of these bonuses of course come with different requirements to clear. It is important to choose a realistic bonus. The last thing you want to do is choose a bonus that you won't be able to clear. Bigger is not always better. I have outliend the five different codes below, the minimum deposit required and the amount of poitns you will need to earn to clear the bonus. Please remember that with each of these bonuses you have sixty days to clear.

Bonus Code Min Deposit (€) Points Required
euro25 10 500
euro100 50 1700
euro250 100 4200
euro500 200 7500
euro1k 300 14000


Idol Points

Idol points are awarded by playing cash and tournament games at PokerIdol. The rate of accumulation, which is identical with all Ongame Network sites, is fixed at 3.6 Idol points for every $1 you contribute to the rake in cash games. However, the skill of your opposing players is also considered in awarding Idol points, meaning that playing against more winning players will garner a modicum amount of more Idol points awarded to you, while playing against losers will decrease your point totals to a slight degree.

Sit 'n' Go and Multi-Table Tournaments earn 3.6 Idol points for every $1 paid in fee to PokerIdol. For instance, a $5 + 0.50 SNG is worth 1.8 Idol points based on the $0.50 fee to enter. Idol points are used to clear Welcome Bonuses, to declare PokerIdol leaderboard winners and to determine VIP levels in the loyalty program.

VIP Club at PokerIdol

Five levels of players can be found in the PokerIdol VIP Club based on the accumulation of Idol points. The Apprentice level is reached at 250 acquired Idol points in a calendar month. Players can move up in rank to the Talent level at 1,000 Idol points and the Pro level at 3,000 points. The final two levels are based on yearly Idol point totals, with Legend players needing 12,000 Idol points acquired in the previous 12 months, while PokerIdol status is achieved upon obtaining the lofty sum of 72,000 Idol points. There is one caveat to the yearly point total statuses. You are not required to play for 12 months as long as you accumulate the required number of Idol points needed to achieve the higher levels.

Cashback Rewards

The biggest benefit to becoming a Legend or PokerIdol is not in bragging about your exalted status to your friends and girlfriend. It is in the cashback percentages you will receive on the money you have contributed to rake and tourney entry fees. A Legend earns 20% to 29% in cashback bonuses while a PokerIdol can make between 30% and 40%. An Apprentice player at PokerIdol receives cashback rewards in the 9% - 11% range, while Talent and Pro ranked players earn 12% to 15% and 16% - 20%, respectively.

Leaderboard Races

PokerIdol offers five unique leaderboard races that you'd be hard-pressed to find based on creativity at other poker sites. With thousands of dollars in prize money on the line every month, the leaderboard winners can receive some lucrative payouts! The Experience Leaderboard doles out $15,000 in prize money each month with a heavy emphasis on earning Idol points against players with greater skill, as opposed to sharks who swim with the fishes.

The Skill Leaderboard takes into account your win ratio at the various stake levels played. A PokerIdol t-shirt and other merchandise is up for grabs at this leaderboard race. The Luck Leaderboard looks at short-term performance in awarding PokerIdol apparel and tournament tickets. The Guts Leaderboard looks at the size of your bets of each hand played. If you tend to lean on your All-In button, you've got a shot at prizes similar to those of the Luck Leaderboard winners. Finally, the Activity Leaderboard shows favoritism to the multi-tabling grinders who play a sick amount of hours per day. We all know the type. They don't shower, they eat meals in front of the computer and would probably never get up if it wasn't for nature calling.

Team PokerIdol

If your name isn't Negreanu or Grospellier and you look on in envy at Team PokerStars Pros and feel your poker skills and winnings are comparable to the pro players, PokerIdol will give you the chance to prove it. With the opportunity to represent PokerIdol as one of the site's roster of pros at stake, all you need to do is meet the requirements in order to get an exclusive deal to be a PokerIdol pro player!

If you have been playing at PokerIdol for three months, contribute 2,000 Euro gross in rake each month, can travel to at least six live tournaments a year, be a good ambassador for the site by giving interviews and write a blog detailing your poker prowess, then you may actually become a real PokerIdol with all kinds of benefits that are available to poker site pros.

Other PokerIdol Benefits

PokerIdol allows you to search and compare your stats against those of other players. The leaderboards give you a monthly assessment of your competition. PokerIdol touts the social aspect of playing poker by allowing players to create buddy lists. You can then invite your buddies to participate in leaderboard races against you and each other. Your own individual virtual player's lounge will summarize your own strengths and weaknesses, letting you know the areas in which you need to tighten up your game.

The deposit bonuses at PokerIdol are rather standard and nothing special, though the $2,000 bonus is enticing. Unfortunately, at a 100% clip, it requires an outlay of $2,000 and allows only 42 days to clear. The uniqueness of the leaderboard races is kind of neat, though it would be a much better incentive to get cash bonuses for like the Skill and Activity leaderboard winners instead of only t-shirts and free tickets to tournaments. I do like the opportunity given to everyday players to become a Team PokerIdol pro.

Although having to grind enough to meet the requirement of generating about $2,600 in rake monthly would disqualify all but the most devoted of multi-tablers. Perhaps they should change the requirement to a minimum amount in poker winnings earned per month, instead of rake contribution. In any event, if leaderboard races and shots at poker idolatry get your grinding juices flowing, then depositing at PokerIdol would be just right for you.

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