Smart Live Poker

Rating: 6
Smart Live Poker
Not such a smart choice for high volume players

Smart Live Poker is part of the Smart Gaming Group based in London and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. The company also operates out of an office in Malta and numbers over 100 employees worldwide.

On the poker front, I love the fact they pay cashback weekly. However, the downside to this is they pay a measly 17%, far less than the top skins on the network. If you simply want to play at a site to clear a bonus, then they are a good choice, but for grinders, better value is found elsewhere.

  • Part of one of the world's biggest live casino operators.
  • Fearures poker, 3d slots, live dealer games, bingo and sports betting.
  • Choose from up to 5 different signup bonuses.
  • VIP cashback paid directly to your account every week.


About Smart Live Poker

Smart Gaming offers an assortment of wagering opportunities including sports betting, online casino games, live casino games, bingo, 3D slot machines and poker. The company features a unique SmartOut online application that provides real casino action to punters located in betting shops and internet cafes. The live dealers speak a variety of languages, including Greek, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, and Romanian.

Accumulating Points

The Smart Live point earning calculations deviate slightly from the Ongame Network standard rate. Most Ongame skins follow the format of 3.6 points awarded for every $1 contributed in ring game rake and 3.6 points for every $1 in tourney fees. Smart Live awards 3.25 points for each $1 in cash games and a full 5 points for every $1 in fees for multi-table tourneys and SitNGos.

Therefore, it may be more beneficial to you as a player to play tournament poker on the Smart Live skin, but to play your cash games at another skin on the network, such as RedKings.

Welcome Bonuses at Smart Live

Five sign up bonuses are available at Smart Live Poker and all allow 60 days before expiring. There are no percentage rates or matching totals on your amount deposited, so all bonus options can actually be redeemed with a minimum deposit of $20. But you do have to declare which of the choices you are electing to sign up for at the time of your deposit.

The lowest of the options is the $50 bonus that pays in increments of $5 every 60 points earned. Your next choice up the ladder is the $250 bonus that releases $10 whenever you collect 120 points. The $500 bonus option adds $25 to your account at the accumulation rate of 275 points.

The $1,000 bonus option is paid out in $100 segments upon collecting 1,000 points. The largest bonus choice at $2,500 releases payouts in blocks of $500 every 7,000 points earned. It’s worth noting that the bottom two options pay out at a rate of $1 for every 12 points earned. Your earning rate is slightly better on the $500 bonus at 11 points per dollar and better still on the $1,000 bonus at 10 points for every $1. Yet the highest $2,500 bonus requires 35,000 points to clear, which is equivalent to 14 points needed per dollar!

Clearing One of the Bonuses

If you feel your amount of playing time is conducive to conquering the $1,000 bonus option, only 10,000 points would be needed to pad your bankroll by $1K. At about 167 points a day for 60 days required to achieve the goal, you would undoubtedly have to be a multi-tabler. It would also be a bit more difficult at the cash tables at Smart Live in comparison to most other Ongame skins, seeing how you will earn only 3.25 points per dollar in rake as opposed to 3.6 per $1 at most other sites.

However, if you’re up for the challenge, playing six tables simultaneously at an average rake of $0.25 where your contribution to the pot averages 40% in the hands that you play, each hand would earn you .325 of a point. You would need to play roughly 514 hands per day at that rake and contribution level.

Further, if you played about 20% of the hands dealt to you, you’re looking at about 2570 hands each day. Playing six tables, thats 428 and 1/3 hands each table every day in order to generate enough rake to earn the 167 points per day. But the great thing about the Smart Live deposit bonuses is that they are paid incrementally. So even if you couldn’t keep up the six table multi-tabling pace, the payouts come in blocks of $100 every 1,000 points that you collect. You may end up with only $800 or $900 of the bonus, but that’s still an excellent amount of bonus cash!

Loyalty Scheme

The VIP program at Smart Live Poker has a unique flavor to it. There are no monthly or yearly levels to achieve. Rather, Smart Live chooses to reward its players with cashback bonuses paid on a weekly basis according to the amount of points earned in the previous week.

Every Monday, you will receive cashback deposited to your account as long as you earn 10 points in 5 out of 7 days in the prior week. That’s worth 8% cashback. Should you earn 30 points on at least 5 days, your cashback earnings increase to 10%. Collecting 50, 100 or 200 points on 5 of 7 days pays cash to your account each Monday at rates of of 12%, 14% and 17%, respectively.

So if you played just two $10 + $1 tournaments every day from Monday through Friday, either MTTs or SNGs, you would receive an additional $4 in your account on Monday, whether or not you won or lost in the tourneys. In addition to that, all players who receive cashback at least one time from the previous 4 weeks will be invited to a monthly freeroll for the chance to win even more money.

Various Other Promotions

Smart Live Poker also offers other promos from time to time. For instance, cash game Texas hold’em players can win $100 for getting a Royal Flush using both hole cards or win 10 times the big blind by winning a hand with 7-2 offsuit, the worst starting hand in poker. For tourney players, Smart Live hosts Twitter and Facebook tournaments Tuesdays and Fridays that require a password that is easily obtainable from the social media websites.

Speaking of Facebook and Twitter, the promotions at Smart Live can change at any time, so simply follow the latest news and information at the Facebook and Twitter sites to keep well-informed of the latest offerings available to loyal players.

Should I Play at Smart Live?

There are both good and bad aspects to choosing this skin. If you dislike the monthly and yearly point requirements of the VIP programs of other skins and like the fact of being paid cashback weekly, this may be the site for you. That being said, the maximum cashback reward at Smart Live Poker is 17%, which is terrible in comparison to other skins that pay up to 40% cashback to their loyal players.

Receiving 5 points for every dollar in tourney fees as opposed to 3.6 at other Ongame skins is a positive. But, if those points don’t garner enough return in cashback rewards, it sort of negates the good side of that. And earning only 3.25 points per $1 in cash games compared to 3.6 at other skins makes depositing here somewhat questionable if you’re strictly a cash game player.

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