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Best Ongame Skin 2017: RedKings Poker

RedKings Poker
100% up to €2,500 Signup Bonus!

Red Kings are the number one skin on the Ongame Poker network. As well as offering 6 different bonus options for new players, they also offer numerous freerolls and other value added promotions such as their “red kings” promo.

About Ongame

The Ongame Network has been around since the dawn of online poker. It all started with Poker Room in 1999, and as the years went on, more and more poker sites joined the network, which eventually became named Ongame after the Swedish company who owned it.

In 2005, the success of the Ongame Network attracted the attention of sports betting giant Bwin, who purchased it for 475 million Euro. Bwin brought even more players to the network by merging their own poker room with it, cementing Ongame’s status as a major player in the online poker industry.

Today, there are roughly 20 different Ongame skins that together make up the Ongame Poker Network, and while it isn’t the biggest network in terms of the sheer amount of poker sites that are members of it, Ongame’s standards are higher, and they don’t just take anyone who simply has the money to purchase membership in it.

Therefore, the poker rooms that are a part of it tend to all be of a higher quality than you sometimes see in other poker networks, and in particular, the Ongame skins that are member sites, are all well run and supply a steady stream of weaker players to it.

Ongame in fact is far and away the leader in the industry of actively seeking out and promoting the acquisition of newer and weaker players, which is a big reason why it is so fishy. This is of benefit to all players, as the weaker players will do better against other weaker players, and the stronger players will make more money against them.

So at Ongame it’s really all about quality, from the quality of the network, the quality of the operation, the quality of the bonuses and rewards, and especially the quality of the games, if quality is to be understood here the same way we players understand it, meaning the softest and most profitable games possible.

At other poker rooms and networks, their fishiness is pretty much left to accident, but at Ongame it’s a major focus. Since this is by far the biggest consideration in the desirability of a given poker room as far as players are concerned, we all should be delighted that this is seen as of such importance to the people at Ongame.

In addition to this, the sites on the Ongame Network are a stalwart in terms of stability and reliability. With all of the instability that has gone on in the poker industry of late, players do not need to be reminded of the importance of dealing with a financially secure and completely ethical poker site or network.

After we’ve studied the bonuses and loyalty programs of all Ongame skins, we compiled the following top five. This is lead by Red Kings Poker!