Bestpoker Review

Rating: 7
Bestpoker Review
One of the Oldest Skins on the Network

Bestpoker is run by Ltd, registered in Cyprus and is a part of BestGames Holdings Ltd, a UK company with a listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. BestGames Holdings was incorporated in 2006 under the name NetGames Holdings Limited and acquired Public Ltd in early 2007.

Offering a full suite of gaming products, numerous signup bonuses and compatibility with Mac and Linux systems, Bestpoker are never going to be world beaters, but you’ll always be safe playing there.

  • One of the oldest skins on the network.
  • Full suite of gambling products including sports, casino and bingo.
  • Five different deposit bonus options.
  • Customer support available 24 hours a day.


About Bestpoker

The wagering options offered by BestGames Holdings can be accessed in 10 different languages and poker can be played in your browser without a download through Windows, Mac and Linux. However downloading the client will provide better game-playing features such as the ability to make notes on opposing players, real-time odds functions and other advantageous statistical tabulations.

Poker School

If you’re a newbie to the game of poker, don’t worry because we have all had to start somewhere. Bestpoker makes things easier for rookie players by providing a Poker School that details all the things a beginning poker player needs to know. By explaining the variety of poker games played, betting structures, tournament information, and the lingo and vocabulary used by players everywhere, both online and in live poker action, Bestpoker does its best to introduce new players to the exciting game of poker.

Bestpoker also offers Freeroll tournaments with guaranteed prize pools of $100 and $500 almost every day of the week for new players to gain some valuable experience in online tournament action. But freerolls aren’t only for rookies as anyone with a valid account at BestPoker can participate.

Five Deposit Bonus Opportunities

With a wide variety of deposit bonus choices, Bestpoker is sure to have an option that fits every player’s budget. Below I have outlined the different options available and the requirements to clear each bonus. Remember to choose wisely as you can only avail of one of these offers.

bp100 - This gives players a €100 bonus. Each player will be given sixty days to clear this option. This bonus is released in four segments of €25. Each segment requires you to generate 250 player points. This means to clear the full €100 you will need to earn 1,000 over the course of the sixty days.

bp300 - Depositing witht his bonus code will give you a €300 bonus. Again with this bonus you will be given a generous sixty days to clear. This bonus is also released in four segments. This time each segment is €75. Each of these segments will require you to earn 750 player points, therefore to clear your full bonus you will need to earn 3,000 points.

bp600 - Things certainly get a lot tougher at this level of bonus. Your timeframe to release your bonus is reduced to thirty days here. It is still released in four segments, with each block of €150 requiring you to earn 1500 player points. It will certainly be a challenge for a lot of players to earn the full 6,000 player points within the thirty day time frame of the bonus.

bp1200 - We are now at the stages of bonuses that you really need to be either a high stakes or large volume grinder to consider. You are afforded the opportunity to earn a €1,200 bonus here. However to release this large sum you will need to generate 12,000 player points which I can assure you is no easy task, especially in a thirty day timeframe. This is again released in four segments, with each €300 piece requiring 3,000 player points.

bp2000 - This is the largest bonus option available on Best poker. Even with it being the largest it is certainly not an option I would reccomend for most players. The timeframe for this bonus is just twenty days. Along with that it is only released in two segments. This mens to even release a portion of the bonus it will take a lot of work. Each €1,000 portion does require the generation of 10,000 players points in twenty days. Doubling that workload is of course necessary to release the full amount.

To put the above bonuses in to perspective, each $1 in rake you pay will earn you 3.6 player points.

Cashback Rewards Program

In an interesting and simplified twist in comparison to most other Ongame skins, Bestpoker doesn’t have a loyalty or VIP program, per se, that categorizes players according to levels. What they do offer is a simple and profitable cashback rewards program that allows players to exchange player points for cash.

Let’s be honest. Is it really important to join a skin where you can brag to friends and relatives that you have achieved Superstar Elite or Grandmaster Shark status? No, because what’s really important is earning cashback on your hard-earned player points.

Bestpoker allows all players to exchange points for cash with a higher percentage distributed to players who earn more points. Players who accumulate up to 999 points in a month can expect 8-12% cashback. Totalling 1,000 to 2,999 monthly points will garner 12-16% cashback bonus dollars and 3,000-5,999 point earners can enjoy 16-20% returns. To earn higher rewards in the 30-40% cashback range, players must tally 72,000 points in a 12-month period.

Player points will expire 90 days after they are generated, so be sure to exchange your points for cash on a regular basis. You would not be happy forgetting to redeem your points for cash and losing the points that you worked so hard to obtain.

Maybe Not The Best, But Good

Bestpoker has some good things going for it. Plenty of sign-up bonus options designed for a wide range of players. A cashback rewards program that has comparable percentage rate payouts to other Ongame skins. A poker school to help new players become acclimated to the game. These are all favorable for players considering a deposit at BestPoker.

However, the reduction in time allowed to clear the large deposit bonuses, only 30 days for the €1,200 bonus and a paltry 20 days for the €2,000 bonus, really puts a negative light on selecting and trying to clear those large bonuses. After all, there is nothing worse than choosing a bonus and running out of time before being able to clear the bonus in the allotted time. Since most players can’t multi-table like Randy Lew, that 20-day timeframe to earn €2,000 is quite a herculean task.

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