Ongame Casinos

When most people think of online casino software companies, Ongame isn’t one of the first names to come to mind. That’s not to say that the people at Ongame aren’t talented and creative gaming developers. It’s just that Ongame is mostly known for their poker network, while their casino offerings are usually seen as a secondary product (if they’re noticed at all).

That said, while Ongame hadn’t produced a tremendous volume of casino games, the games they have developed are fun to play and easy to use. While Ongame casinos are usually only found at sites that are primarily using Ongame’s poker network, the casino games they provide are definitely worth checking out.

Top 5 Most Popular Ongame Casinos

Slot Machines

As we mentioned above, Ongame hasn’t produced a particularly high volume of games. For instance, there are only about 20 different slot machine games available at Ongame casinos, and none of them have the highly intensive graphics or bonus rounds you might find in other casino brands.

However, that doesn’t mean that these more simplistic games can’t be fun. Take, for instance, Jolly Roger, a 15-line, five-reel slot machine that uses a pirate theme. In this game, the goal is to match symbols like treasure, ships and weapons in order to win prizes on each of your active paylines.

One way in which Ongame keeps these games fresh despite the rather standard graphics is by filling their games with plenty of bonus features. For instance, the Jolly Roger flag symbol acts as a wild symbol, and the parrot is a scatter that can win no matter where on the reels you match them. There are also two bonus icons that give out random rewards (the map and the treasure chest), which can give out prizes as large as 4,000 credits!

Another classic Ongame slot machine is Ace of Spades, a three-reel spot that uses relatively simple symbols and gameplay to create a very fun slots experience. This game only has a single payline, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of action here. In most cases, you’ll need three or a kind to win, with the exception of the clover, which can win you a small prize even if you hit just one. The real symbol to shoot for here is the spade, which not only awards the largest possible prizes – up to 2,500 credits if you bet a full three coins – but they also act as multiplier wild symbols when they show up alongside other symbols. In fact, matching two spades with another symbol will earn you 4x the normal prize.

Table Games at Ongame Casinos

While the slots selection at Ongame casinos may be a bit underwhelming, they make up for it with their table games. Ongame has created a suite of table game options that includes nearly 20 different games, covering almost all of the most popular casino games.

Blackjack fans will be especially happy, as there are eight different blackjack games available through Ongame. To be completely accurate, there are actually four blackjack games offered; however, each has two table options: a single hand game and a multi-hand version that allows you to play up to three hands at once. Along with a standard Vegas-style blackjack game, there’s also a version that features European rules, along with a single deck game (though this game uses the unfavorable 6-5 blackjack payout). In addition, there’s the popular Double Exposure variant in which players can see both dealer cards while making their play decisions.

Ongame casinos also offer three different roulette tables. As with most casinos, you’ll have the option of playing European roulette. However, Ongame also provides players with distinctive English and French tables, each of which use the same rules as the European game, but feature different bets and layouts on the tables. While there’s no American roulette table available, this shouldn’t bother most players, as European tables offer far better odds to players anyway.

The table games at Ongame casinos are rounded out with several card games. As expected, baccarat is offered to players, as are other casino favorites like Caribbean Stud Poker (called Casino Stud in the Ongame software), Pai Gow Poker, and Three Card Poker. Other games include Casino War and Casino Hold’em.

Ongame Casino Video Poker Games

Video poker may not be one of the greatest strengths at Ongame casinos, but there is a decent selection of machines for you to choose from. Eight games in total are offered, from the standards like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild to less common offerings such as Kings or Better and “Deuces & Joker.”

Most of these games are available to be played in a variety of different formats, ranging from single hand games up through versions that allow you to play 100 hands simultaneously. If there’s anything disappointing at all about these games, it’s that the pay tables tend to be somewhat subpar; for instance, the Jacks or Better Game uses a “6-5” paytable, which has a return of about 95%. This isn’t bad by normal casino game standards, but it’s far below the “full pay” 9-6 games that can return 99.5% with optimal play. The Deuces Wild game offers similar payouts — again, well below the levels that are offered by some other versions of the same machine.

Other Games at Ongame Casinos

Given that Ongame casinos offer a small selection of games, it should come as no surprise that there are only a couple of additional games offered beyond the standard casino classics. In this case, both of these additional games are scratch cards.

The first is called Scratch Ahoy. As the name suggests, this is a scratch card game with a desert island theme. It’s pretty simple as casino games go, but it does give players the chance to win up to 1,000 times their initial bet on each card. The other game is Hole in One, a golfing-themed scratch card. This game can be played at several different prices per card; like Scratch Ahoy, the largest prize is again 1,000 times the cost of each card you purchase.