Red Kings Review

Rating: 9.5
Red Kings Review
100% up to €2,500 Deposit Bonus

Red Kings are the number one skin on the Ongame Poker network. As well as offering 6 different bonus options for new players, they also offer numerous freerolls and other value added promotions such as their “red kings” promo.

With great bonuses, one of the best Ongame loyalty schemes, a VIP shop and numerous other attractions, Red Kings is without a doubt the best choice for players on the Ongame network.

  • Best skin on the Ongame network.
  • 6 bonuses from small to huge with fast clearance.
  • Tons of extra promotions and incentives for new signups.
  • Also offer one of Europe's leading casinos and betting sites.


About RedKings

RedKings was established in 2006 and is owned by RK Operation, which has its main office in Cyprus. In addition to its superior online poker site at, sports betting services are provided at and casino games are available at

RedKings has been a leader in the gaming industry since its inception, offering its various gambling services in 18 different languages. With its prompt and courteous customer service available 24/7, RedKings is recognized as the top skin on the Ongame Network and is widely considered to be one of the best poker rooms online throughout the world.

From its innovative and profitable sign-up bonuses, through its many promotions and down to its leading player loyalty rewards program, RedKings is the place to play online poker.

RedKings Incremental and Fixed Deposit Bonuses

Offering six separate deposit bonuses, RedKings uniquely lets you choose between three incremental deposit options and three fixed sign-up bonuses. The first of the incremental options is the Hearts250 which increases your account by €10 every time you collect 120 player points. You have 90 days to clear the bonus and can deposit as low as €20 and earn up to a maximum of €250. That works out to a 1,250% bonus!

The Diamonds500 features a maximum bonus of €500 payable in €50 increments upon attaining 500 points. That's a total of 5,000 points to clear the entire bonus with an expiration time of 55 days. In a comparison with the Hearts250 bonus, you would need 600 points to earn €50 with the Hearts250, but only 500 points for the same amount with the Diamonds500. A minimum of €20 can also be deposited for this bonus option, but don't deposit too little of an amount and possibly fall victim to busting out before obtaining these hefty bonuses.

Kings1000 is the last of the incremental deposit bonus options that builds your bankroll in segments of €100 for every 900 points accumulated up to a maximum bonus payout of €1,000. The Kings1000 must be cleared in 40 days and also leaves the amount deposited up to you with a mimimun of €20 required. A total of 9,000 points tallied will put €1,000 in your pocket!

The three fixed deposit bonuses are all set at a 100% bonus of your deposit amount and are paid in one lump sum. The Kingsize1250 allows 30 days to clear upon depositing €1,250 and pays €1 for every 10 points earned. The Kingsize2000 also permits 30 days in which to obtain the bonus, but the rate of payment is better at 9 points equalling €1 if you deposit €2,000. You would need 12,500 points to clear the Kingsize1250 and 18,000 points to increase your wealth by €2,000 with the Kingsize2000 bonus option.

RedKings offers the most gigantic sign-up bonus option on the whole network with the Kingsize2500. Where else can you profit by an incredible €2,500 just by playing poker? Nowhere else, my friend! Although the bonus expires in three weeks, Red Kings has reduced the rate to 8 points earned per €1. That's a fabulous rate for clearing the bonus! Only 20,000 points are needed to net a profit of €2,500.

Accumulating Points and Earning the Bonus

If you have your eye on one of those Kingsize bonuses, and who doesn't, let's examine what it would take to clear the entire bonus. RedKings awards 3.6 points for every €1 contributed to rake in cash games and every €1 toward the fees of tournaments. In selecting, for instance, the Kingsize1250 deposit bonus option, you would need to garner 12,500 points in 30 days. That works out to slightly less than 417 points each day.

Playing no-limit cash games that average a rake of €0.25 per pot, if your average contribution to each hand you play is about 50% of the pot, you would earn .45 of a point every hand played. That would mean roughly 927 played hands each of the 30 days would be needed to accumulate the 417 points per day. But nobody plays every hand dealt to them, so assuming that you play about 20% of the hands dealt to you, you're looking at 4,635 hands dealt each day to clear the bonus.

If you can multi-table four games at a time with the same average rake and your same 50% contribution to the hands that you're involved in, that's approximately 1,159 hands played at each table. With 120 hands dealt per table each hour, you would earn the €1,250 bonus in less than 10 hours per day. Even less if you can multi-table more than four games simultaneously!

RedKing's VIP Club

Four levels are based on monthly point totals and three levels on yearly point totals in RedKing's VIP Club. Starting with the Bronze level at 0-999 points, the next step in RedKing's loyalty program is the Silver level at 1000 to 2,999 points earned in a calendar month. Gold players collect 3,000 to 5,999 monthly points and the Platinum tier is reserved for earners of 6,000 points and above.

To enter the yearly VIP levels, you must earn at least 6,000 points each month for 12 months. However, it's possible to enter yearly levels sooner than that simply by accumulating 72,000 points. Platinum Elite is the first yearly level, followed by the Diamond Elite tier, which requires a 13,000 monthly point average for 12 months. The top level at RedKings, Royal VIP, is achieved by players who collect 20,000 points monthly for a year.

As you progress through the levels, more and more valuable benefits become available to you. For instance, each level provides freerolls, but you are eligilble to play in more and more freerolls the higher you go in the tiered levels of the loyalty program. Other benefits to moving up the ladder include special invitations to events, extra discounts on merchandise, live event offers, playing with Team RedKings and special concierge service at the Royal VIP level!

RedKing Crowns and VIP Shop

RedKing Crowns are the currency used in the VIP Shop. Each Player Point is equal to 0.72 crowns and that is the same rate for all seven VIP levels. Crowns have an expiration of six months, so you have to be sure to redeem them in the VIP Shop prior to the expiration date. But don't worry about redeeming your RedKing Crowns because there are plenty of options available in the VIP Shop!

Use your RedKing Crowns to obtain cashback rewards, new cash bonuses, tournament tickets, gift vouchers, t-shirts, iPods, mobile phones and much, much more! There is something to suit everyone's taste in the RedKings VIP Shop!

Team RedKings

RedKings Poker currently sponsors 16 players from 12 different countries throughout Europe. The team is looking to add more young, enthusiastic poker players who have had success on live tournament tables. If you deposit at RedKings today and prove your skill in both the live and online poker arenas, you will eventually have a chance at being the next Team RedKings pro!

Pocket RedKing Bonus Extras

RedKings loves to reward players who are dealt hole cards that are red kings, naturally. If you are dealt pocket red kings in a Texas hold'em cash game, you will automatically win $300! You are eliglible for this fantastic offer only once and must accumulate 2,400 new points. If you happen to lose with pocket red kings in a Texas hold'em cash game at the showdown stage, RedKings will pay you $500! There is also a one-time eligibility to the bad beat red kings bonus, with a requirement of 4000 new points.

RedKings is Top Skin at Ongame

RedKings is the very best skin on the Ongame Network! Offering fantastic deposit bonuses that are incremental and can be cleared with a minimum amount deposited or at a huge fixed rate according to your preference that includes the massively king-sized €2,500 bonus, you have a wide assortment of choices. RedKings hosts a huge number of freeroll tourneys, leaderboard point races, VIP races according to your level, pocket red kings bonuses and many other promotions for its loyal players!

Also, a VIP program that allows you to redeem your RedKing Crowns for prime-valued cashback rewards, tournament tickets and other valuable items. If you are searching the Ongame skins for the best site to play on the network, you have found it at RedKings Poker. Deposit today and take advantage of the variety of deposit bonus options available to you, as well as a VIP loyalty program that's second to none!

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