Whitebet Poker Review

Rating: 7
Whitebet Poker Review
Part of the Redbet Gaming group

Sorry, this casino has closed. Why don’t you check out our alternatives?

Whitebet are part of the huge Scandinavian corporation who are also behind Redbet and Hey Poker. They are an extremely safe and reliable place to play on the Ongame network and their VIP system is one of the more generous ones.

On the downside, their bigger sized bonuses have a very short expiry date, meaning only people who put in alot of volume will be able to clear them before they expire.

  • Top reputation and very reliable parent company.
  • Easy to clear bonuses for small stakes players.
  • One of the better cash back schemes on the Ongame network.
  • Free poker strategy section for new players.


Whitebet Background Information

Sorry, this casino has closed. Why don't you check out our alternatives?

Whitebet Poker is one of the Redbet Gaming Ltd brands, owned by Redbet Malta Ltd. The brands within the Redbet Group fall under the umbrella of parent company Redbet Holding AB. Listed on First North, OMX Exchange in Stockholm, Redbet Holding AB is headquartered in Sweden. Other subsidiaries within the group include Red Sports Ltd in Malta and SIA Optibet in Latvia.

Available in ten different languages, Whitebet Poker targets many European countries. As with all Ongame Network skins, players from the U.S. are currently not allowed to play at Whitebet.

The Redbet Group also operates online poker sites on both the Boss Media IPN and Entraction Networks. As such, Redbet knows the concerns of its poker players. You can be sure of the safety of your funds and the reliability of cashouts on Whitebet Poker, or for that matter, on any online poker site operated by Redbet.

Whitebet Poker's Martial Sign-up Bonuses

The deposit bonuses at Whitebet Poker take on an armed forces flair as you can choose from the Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Captain, Lieutenant and Major bonuses. You will be going to war to capture the entire sign-up bonus that you choose. All bonuses are released at the rate of 10 player points per U.S. dollar.

The $50 Private Bonus allows 90 days to clear and pays out in miniscule increments of $1 at a time. The minimum deposit required is $20. So it's actually a 250% bonus if you succeed in your mission by depositing the minimum amount and earning the full $50. The $100 Corporal Bonus also sets a minimum deposit at $20 and grants 90 days leeway to accumulate the requisite points. Your account balance increases in segments of $5 every time you tally 50 points. Obtaining 1,000 points gets you the entire $100 under this plan. The percentage bonus of the amount deposited is 500% if you deposit $20 and earn all $100.

Moving up the ranks, the $400 Segeant Bonus has an earning potential of 800%, requiring a $50 minimum and also pays out in blocks of $50 upon earning 500 points. Expiring in 90 days, 4,000 total points within that time will collect the full $400. The Captain Bonus at $800 reduces the clearance time to a short 30 days in which to attain the 8,000 points to maximize the bonus offer. The minimum deposit required is $100, which calculates into an 800% deposit bonus, the same rate as the Sergeant Bonus.

Also expiring in 30 days and needing only a deposit of $100 is the $1,200 Lieutenant Bonus. That's a massive 1,200% sign-up bonus that will salute you by paying out in blocks of $300 each time you amass 3,000 points. Last but most, the $2,000 Major Bonus is released to your account in one huge sum, must be completed in 29 days and lists $200 as the minimum required deposit. That translates into a 1,000 percent bonus when you collect 20,000 points.

Player Points and Clearing the Bonus

Player points are tallied at the rate of 3.60 for each U.S. dollar contributed in rake to the pot or tournament entry fees. If you contribute 50% to a pot that is raked at $0.50, you will receive .9 points ($0.50 × 50% × 3.60 = .9). If you deposited the minumum of $50 for the $400 Sergeant Bonus option, you have a full 90 days to earn 4,000 points to obtain the $400 bonus. A little less than 45 points per day would be enough to clear the bonus.

Playing at micro stakes with an average rake of $0.05, it would take roughly 80,000 hands to clear the bonus. If you played $10+$1 sit n gos, it would take 2222 sit n gos to reach 8000 points and clear the bonus. This means, for a sit n go player, the rakeback equivalent for clearing the Whitebet bonus is a measly 18%, one of the more stingy deals on the network.

Whitebet Poker Player Loyalty and Cashback Program

Using a relatively simple player VIP program, Whitebet Poker divides its loyal players into five monthly levels and three yearly levels. Once you make a first-time deposit and begin playing, you will begin reaping cashback rewards as a VIP player. At the beginning of each month, your cashback earned in the previous month will be deposited directly into your account. The amount you receive is determined by your current level and the total number of player points you earned the prior month.

Rookie level players are those who have accumulated from 0-499 points and receive 10% cashback. The Casual level pays cashback at 10% and is defined by those in the range of 500-1.499 monthly points. The Grinder and Shark levels require monthly tallies of 1,500-3,499 and 3,500 to 5,999, respectively. Grinders can expect 13% in cashback rewards, while Sharks get a bit more at 16.5%. The highest monthly level pays 20% cashback at 6,000 points and above and is designated as the Pro level.

The three yearly levels of All-Star, World Class Pro and Poker Legend pay cashback percentages of 30%, 35% and 40% on player point ranges of 6,001 to 13,332, 13,333-19,999 and 20,000 and up, respectively. Those are average monthly point totals.

Improving Your Game

The Whitebet Poker site provides players with various poker articles designed to help every level of player to improve their game. As poker is a game that is easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master, it is always helpful to read different types of strategies to employ in all kinds of game situations. Through its poker strategy articles, Whitebet Poker offers some valuable insights on ways to beat your opponents and maximize your potential as a player.

Whitebet Poker features one of the more simple and basic loyalty rewards schemes on the network, which, in my opinion, is better than some of the other skins that use more than one type of player point system to calculate bonuses and VIP rankings. With a wide array of deposit options, including the potential of 1,200% return on your money with the Lieutenant Bonus, you shouldn't have a problem choosing a deposit bonus option that suits your needs.

One problem, though, is the expiration time of the larger deposit bonuses. Allowing 90 days for the smaller $50, $100 and $400 bonuses, but drastically reducing the bonus clearance time to 30 days for the $800 and $1,200 bonuses and only 29 days for the largest $2,000 bonus, really puts pressure on the first-time depositor who would like to clear a larger bonus.

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